Band Shows

The Full Band Concert can be tailored to suit the venue and adjusted to suit many budgets. These shows are underwritten by Sound Track of Our Lives Productions and you can be assured you will always get a maximum entertainment value. From between 5-8 performers, these shows are professional and are suited to any venue size of 400 seats or more. We supply Julie with different musicians in different parts of North America to minimize travel expense. Essentially, we have four bands that Julie works with in these shows and all of them are professional musicians and recording artists. Unless Julie is on a pre-arranged tour, these concerts can be put together with less than two months notice.

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Dreams Productions

DREAMS is a concept show that suits most larger venues with a top level sound system and larger raised stage. It involves a 5 piece band, dancers, backup singers, and a multi media video and light show. This is a top shelf Tribute to Stevie’s music that is brought to life with full assault on the senses of sound and sight. No one will walk away not being entertained. Everyone does their best to assure that whether or not you walked in a fan of Stevie Nicks, you will walk away a fan of Stevie’s music and of Julie C Myers’ musical and physical ability. Julie is a top level entertainer and will put on a show to remember. This show is performed with a band from Canada and travels with a lot of equipment.

Symphony Backed Shows

Julie C Myers has only appeared “in Symphony” as Nearly Nicks once to date. At this point, these concerts are produced and directed by “Legends in Symphony” headed up by Mr Tony Kishman.

Appearing in concert with the backing of a full Symphonic Orchestra is one of Julie’s career highs. It was a great honor for her to be chosen to do this since the REAL Stevie Nicks has only performed with an orchestra one time herself. Stevie’s Concert happened in Sydney Australia in 2006 and is recorded on YouTube. This version of the Nearly Nicks show has a huge potential for Orchestral organizations around the world in that it can broaden the Orchestra’s support base to a whole new audience. These shows can typically be sold out for several nights as Season’s ticket holders all want to see the show and Julie’s personal fans AND the followers of Stevie Nicks also want to attend. It is an ideal show to use in advertising to new audience.

Talk to your local symphony about getting her to come to your area now. These shows take several months to prepare for and orchestra’s typically plan their programs many months in advance. Everyone loves the timeless songs of Stevie Nicks and we are confident this will be done again in the near future.

Julie C Myers is the consummate professional, and her musical and physical ability help put on a show you will tell your friends about.




”The resemblance is amazing... gorgeous!!”

Donna Major, Henrietta NY


Nelda Wilson, Oklahoma City, OK

”The very best period!!”

Chad Michaels, San Diego, CA

”Look how awesome you are”

Betty Atchison, Orlando, Fl.

"Ooommmggg!!! Increeeddiiiibbbllleee!!!!"
"Absolutely Unbelievable!!"

Dustin Hoffman, Boston, Ma

”It is uncanny how much you look like her...”

Faith Harding, Linhue,Hawaii

”I just saw the cover of the DVD concert of Stevie,Live in Chicago. Looks just like ya! Thank you Jesus for doing it again!! You’re beautiful!..."

Ron Hubbard, Lexington,Ky

”You are a Rock Star in the first degree!!!...”

Greg Silva, Palm Springs ,Ca

"You got it all down! Wow! Excellent! Perfect! You ARE Stevie..."

Lynda Plemons, Madisonville TN

"It doesn't get any closer to Stevie than this!"

Charlene Coran, Boulder, CO

"Julie ROCKS as Stevie!"

Geogre Nicholas Gikas, Phoenix, AZ

"It is truly amazing how much Julie and Stevie Look alike! I am overwhelmed.."

Alicia Bailey, Chicago, IL
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